DATE: October 19, 2021

Connor, Clark & Lunn Infrastructure establishes partnership with Hy Stor Energy to develop, commercialize, and operate a portfolio of green hydrogen projects

Connor, Clark & Lunn Infrastructure (CC&L Infrastructure) today announced the formation of a strategic partnership with Hy Stor Energy LP (Hy Stor Energy), which will develop, commercialize and operate green hydrogen production, storage, and distribution at scale.

Hy Stor Energy is developing a portfolio of large-scale, fully integrated green hydrogen projects in the United States. The projects will include the on-site production, storage, and delivery of green hydrogen as both a
zero-carbon fuel and a means of storing and producing electricity on demand. This combination of storage and scale will be critical in accelerating the green hydrogen economy in the United States and will support the nation’s transition to a net zero carbon emissions future.

Hy Stor Energy is already permitted for hydrogen storage at multiple locations in the U.S. Gulf Coast, which together will form the backbone of a regional hub. This hydrogen hub will have co-located production, transmission, pipeline, rail and other infrastructure, linking these components to add value while driving economies of scale and attracting end-users. The hub is also expected to attract intellectual capital, spur innovation, create jobs and stimulate the local economy. It will deliver a major source of safe, reliable and 100% carbon free energy that is flexible and available on demand.

“CC&L Infrastructure is excited to further participate in the global energy transition with this partnership,” said Matt O’Brien, President of CC&L Infrastructure. “We believe that the green hydrogen sector is nearing an important inflection point and that its growth will contribute meaningfully to the achievement of net zero carbon emissions targets over the coming decades. The partnership with Hy Stor Energy is a natural evolution of our long-term investment strategy that builds upon our existing expertise in renewable energy. Through this partnership, CC&L Infrastructure and its clients will gain access to a number of attractive investments in a rapidly growing renewable sub-sector as well as technical expertise in green hydrogen and energy storage.”

“Hy Stor Energy is solving the unique challenges of a world transitioning to renewable energy, and we’re developing a model for producing, storing and delivering 100% carbon-free green hydrogen reliably, consistently – and at scale,” said Laura Luce, CEO of Hy Stor Energy. “Our partnership with CC&L Infrastructure will enable us to advance the large-scale development and commercialization of green hydrogen and long-duration storage.”

Green hydrogen is a zero-carbon fuel source and an energy storage mechanism. It is created using renewable energy and a process called electrolysis. Electrolysis uses only two inputs – water and renewable electricity – to produce hydrogen with zero emissions and with oxygen as the only byproduct. Green hydrogen is expected to play a critical role in the global shift away from fossil fuel based sources of energy. Specifically, it can enable the decarbonization of sectors where direct electrification is not practical, offering a viable path towards zero emissions for many industries and jurisdictions.

CC&L Infrastructure’s investment mandate targets traditional and energy infrastructure assets and companies, including power generation, electricity transmission and distribution, and energy storage, among other projects. The firm is an active investor and owner of renewable energy assets and has a current portfolio totaling 1.4 GW of clean energy generating capacity globally. The majority of these assets were acquired during development and the CC&L Infrastructure team has significant experience in both construction oversight and ongoing asset management. The partnership with Hy Stor Energy will build upon this expertise to support further decarbonization efforts and the global energy transition.

About Connor, Clark & Lunn Infrastructure

CC&L Infrastructure invests in middle-market infrastructure assets with highly attractive risk-return characteristics, long lives and the potential to generate stable cash flows. The firm has been an active investor and owner of renewable energy assets for more than 15 years. Its portfolio includes more than 60 hydro, solar, and wind facilities totaling 1.4 GW of clean energy generating capacity globally. CC&L Infrastructure is a part of Connor, Clark & Lunn Financial Group Ltd., a multi-boutique asset management firm whose affiliates collectively manage over CAD$100 billion in assets. For more information, please visit

About Hy Stor Energy

Hy Stor Energy is facilitating the transition to a fossil-free energy environment by developing and advancing green hydrogen at scale through the development, commercialization, and operation of green hydrogen hub projects. Large, fully integrated projects produce, store, and deliver 100% carbon-free energy, providing customers with safe and reliable renewable energy on-demand. Developed as part of an integrated hub, these projects couple on-site green hydrogen production with integrated long-duration storage and distribution – using scale to reduce costs. Hy Stor Energy, led by energy storage industry and hydrogen technology veteran Laura L. Luce, has an innovative team with deep expertise and is positioned as a leader in the green hydrogen revolution. For more information, please visit


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