Our expertise

We deploy a responsible and disciplined investment
approach to generate attractive, risk-adjusted returns

Proven process, focused approach

We target a diversified spectrum of infrastructure projects,
including energy and energy transition, transportation, water, environmental, digital,
social, and other infrastructure with attractive risk-return characteristics, long lives,
and the potential to generate stable cashflow.

Our focus is on acquiring critical and resilient middle-market infrastructure assets, primarily in North America.

We generally seek to invest between $100 to $200 million of equity per transaction.
We also have the flexibility to pursue larger investments alongside our institutional partners
and the ability to make smaller acquisitions that are part of a broader platform or strategy.

Experienced team


Our team is made up of professionals with significant investment, asset management, and financial experience. Together, we offer deep expertise in the acquisition, development, construction, financing, management, and optimization of infrastructure assets.

Our skills and knowledge underline our active, hands-on approach and our ability to invest across various investment phases, including assets that are:

  • in development,
  • under construction, and
  • already operational with significant optimization potential.

Partnering for success


In addition to our established industry network, we partner with project developers, specialized operating teams, and other investors in the development, construction, operation, and optimization of infrastructure assets.

These relationships provide an important source of proprietary investment opportunities in exchange for access to a large and reliable source of capital.

Our open-ended structure enables us to own infrastructure assets for the long-term, alleviating the need to sell on a pre-determined schedule and fostering a long-term investment orientation.

This ownership mindset, combined with our expertise, positions us as an ideal partner for both strategic and financial investors.

Focused on adding value


Our active and hands-on management approach leverages our team’s experience managing development and construction as well as their ability to further optimize operations to enhance performance.

We focus on providing strong downside protection through robust risk management practices, as well as delivering capital appreciation and growth that is driven by performance enhancement, financing optimization, operating efficiency, value realization, and other strategic initiatives.

Rigorously managing risk

Our investment process is built upon decades of
experience investing in infrastructure assets.


Risk management is a fundamental and fully integrated aspect of the investment process. We
patiently apply our disciplined investment strategy to acquire high-quality infrastructure assets,
starting with an active approach to deal origination, before progressing to a comprehensive
underwriting process and culminating in a formal Investment Committee presentation for approval.

CC&L Infrastructure
March 18th, 2022