Since 2005, we’ve established a portfolio of critical
and resilient infrastructure projects that deliver
essential services to local communities

90 +


30 +


1.8 GW

clean energy

Assets are well diversified by location, type, investment stage, and counterparty

Investment approach

At CC&L Infrastructure, our sole focus is on making sound investments
in high-quality, middle-market infrastructure assets. We target a diversified
spectrum of infrastructure projects, including energy and energy transition,
transportation, water, environmental, digital, social, and other infrastructure
with attractive risk-return characteristics, long lives, and the potential to
generate stable cashflow.

Learn more about our disciplined investment approach.

Responsible Investment

As long-term owners and stewards of client capital, we focus on managing our assets responsibly to protect and maximize the value of investments over time. We consider Environmental, Social, and Governance (“ESG”) factors in our analysis of each investment and in the ongoing management of our assets.

View examples of ESG in action across our portfolio.


CC&L Infrastructure
March 18th, 2022