Harrison Hydro Project

The Harrison Hydro Project is one of the largest privately-owned run-of-river hydroelectric projects in Canada and encompasses six individual facilities on separate rivers that tie into a single substation near the north end of Harrison Lake, in the lower mainland region of British Columbia.

Following the successful completion of construction ahead of schedule and under budget, Harrison Hydro achieved commercial operation in 2009. The facilities are now capable of producing enough clean energy to meet the needs of approximately 52,000 homes in the province each year.

Investment Highlights

Initial Investment Date

  • January 2007


  • British Columbia, Canada


  • Run-of-river Hydro


  • Acquired at construction-stage; operational as of November 2009

Cashflow Profile

  • 40-year, fixed-price power purchase agreement


  • Source of clean energy
  • Indigenous partner
  • EcoLogo certified facilities