Regina Bypass P3 Project

Along with its consortium partners, CC&L Infrastructure worked alongside the Government of Saskatchewan to design, build, finance and maintain approximately 60 km of four-lane highway and associated infrastructure. The highway serves Regina’s growing population and support new economic development initiatives.

The Regina Bypass Project represents one of the largest transportation projects in Saskatchewan’s history and the first transportation infrastructure project to be completed under a public-private partnership (P3) model in the province.

Investment Highlights

Initial Investment Date

  • August 2015


  • Saskatchewan, Canada


  • Roads


  • Acquired at construction-stage; operational as of October 2019

Cashflow Profile

  • 30-year, fixed-price availability-based concession agreement


  • Stringent focus on safety – approximately 5 million work hours with one lost-time incident
  • Indirect reduction in emissions – the Province of Saskatchewan estimated that the Regina Bypass will reduce fuel consumption by nearly 300 million litres over 30 years, resulting in a 1.5% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
  • Created local jobs and community investment
  • Winner of Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships’ National Gold Award for Infrastructure in 2020

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