Regina Bypass
P3 Project



CC&L Infrastructure and its consortium partners worked alongside the Government of Saskatchewan to construct and deliver approximately 60 km of four-lane highway and associated infrastructure to serve Regina’s growing population and support new economic development initiatives.

The Regina Bypass Project represents one of the largest transportation projects in Saskatchewan’s history and the first transportation infrastructure project to be completed under a public-private partnership (P3) model in the province.

Responsible investing in action

Putting safety first in the construction of essential infrastructure
that supports local communities.



The Regina Bypass created well-paying jobs throughout construction and delivered
significant improvements to a key component of the National Highway System, reducing
traffic congestion and increasing the efficient movement of goods and people throughout
the region. The highway has been critical to supporting economic development in a land-
locked province with an export-based economy.




CC&L Infrastructure and its partners focused on safety in
every aspect of the project.

Through design.

The Regina Bypass incorporates roundabouts, which although new to Saskatchewan, are used in many parts of the world to increase driver safety while also facilitating a more efficient flow of traffic.

During construction.

In addition to being completed on time and within budget, the Regina Bypass had a nearly unblemished safety record during four years of construction. Crews worked nearly five million hours with just one lost-time incident.

In operations.

Due to the improvements associated with the Regina Bypass, including annual safety days and awareness campaigns, it is estimated that reduced collision rates will result in $2 to $3 million in annual cost savings from property damage, injuries and fatalities. The savings in terms of human suffering are incalculable.

“The opening of the Regina Bypass is an important
milestone for our province and will greatly improve the
transportation of goods in and out of our province’s
capital city. More importantly, the Regina Bypass will
greatly improve the safety of our roads and highways for
our families and industries.”

- The Honourable Scott Mode, Premier of Saskatchewan.

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CC&L Infrastructure
April 13th, 2022