Responsible investing

As long-term owners and stewards of client capital, we
believe that managing assets responsibly will protect
and maximize the value of our investments

We believe that a rigorous and continuous review of Environmental,
Social and Governance (“ESG”) factors is fundamental to a
well-managed infrastructure portfolio and we consider ESG
in our analysis of each investment.

We strive to operate under
the following principles


We consider environmental issues in our analysis of each potential investment and seek to minimize or compensate for negative environmental impacts of the assets in our portfolio.

Engaging with Local

We engage with stakeholders and invest in the communities in which we operate.


We work with local landowners and Indigenous groups, hire local employees and contractors, and support local causes where possible.


We treat our employees fairly and strive to meet or exceed applicable labour laws and standards in countries where we operate including but not limited to, respecting human rights, offering fair wages, and implementing non-discriminatory hiring practices.


We provide safe work environments for our employees and seek to engage contractors who are committed to putting safety first.

Governance, Ethics and

We operate with high ethical standards and ensure that our business activities comply with applicable legal and regulatory requirements.


We strive to provide timely information regarding performance and to be accessible and responsive to our clients.

We integrate ESG across our investment process

ESG considerations are deeply integrated throughout our investment
process from initial assessment through decision making and during
ongoing ownership.

Due diligence

We incorporate material ESG factors into our assessment of each prospective investment.

Given our long-term ownership approach, we consider potential risks that may impact asset value and performance as well as opportunities to enhance a project’s ESG profile through active management. Where appropriate, we engage external consultants and third-party experts in the assessment of ESG factors.

Committee approval

We document ESG considerations in our analysis and presentation materials to facilitate active dialogue with our Investment Committee as part of each new acquisition.

These meetings include detailed discussions of the merits of each opportunity, including the impact of material ESG factors, and unanimous approval is required before a new investment is made.


We take a hands-on approach that enables us to raise ESG risks and opportunities at the operating level for each of our assets.

Our direct engagement in the oversight and management of operations allows us to monitor and advance ESG initiatives throughout ownership.


We invest for the long-term with a focus on protecting and maximizing value.

While we generally favour a buy-and-hold approach, we may selectively sell assets on an opportunistic basis. In such cases, we believe that our active management of ESG during ownership will translate into reduced risk and enhanced value – allowing us to deliver stronger returns for our clients.

Responsible investing in action

North Island Hospitals Project
Engaging with local stakeholders to deliver
award-winning, sustainable infrastructure to
meet growing community needs.

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Southgate Solar Project
Focused on environmental stewardship
through sustainable vegetation management.
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Regina Bypass Project
Putting safety first in the construction of
essential infrastructure that supports local

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Corporate Social Responsibility

We are committed to building strong and vibrant communities by supporting causes that are important to our clients, employees, partners, and stakeholders.

Diversity and Inclusion

We support a team culture that promotes diversity and collaboration in orders to achieve collective success.



United Nations–backed Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI)

CC&L Infrastructure is a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI), formalizing our long standing commitment to integrate Responsible Investment considerations into our investment process.