Solar Project



In 2015, CC&L Infrastructure invested in the construction of the Southgate Solar Project, a 50-megawatt solar facility located in western Ontario that will produce enough clean energy to meet the needs of approximately 8,400 homes in the province each year.

The project achieved commercial operation in 2016 following a twelve month construction period, which employed hundreds of workers from across Ontario in all aspects of the project – from manufacturing and assembly of solar panels and inverters, to site construction, installation and project operations.

Responsible investing in action

Focused on environmental stewardship through sustainable vegetation management.


In addition to producing clean solar energy that supports the country’s climate change goals,
the Southgate Solar project has implemented an environmentally friendly vegetation
management approach – utilizing approximately 2,000 sheep.





The sheep, owned by the landowner and local farmer, help to control the growth of weeds and other plants, maintaining an ideal vegetation height to prevent shading on solar panels.


This sustainable approach to vegetation management creates a mutually beneficial partnership that provides a variety of important benefits to the farmer, the sheep, the community and the solar farm by:


  • Providing the landowner with the ability to earn income from property leases while maintaining the existing land use for agricultural purposes;
  • Helping the solar farm reduce the operating and maintenance costs associated with vegetation management;
  • Delivering a more sustainable solution that further reduces carbon emissions as compared to the use of gas-powered equipment; and
  • Maintaining the agricultural landscape of the local community.


Over time, CC&L Infrastructure has expanded the sheep grazing initiative from a select parcel of the solar farm lands to the entire project site. As solar energy capacity increases and new projects are developed, CC&L Infrastructure is supportive of innovative initiatives like this, which promote clean energy objectives while partnering with local communities to create lower impact solar farms that maintain agriculture activities on the same parcel of land.

~70,000 tons of carbon offset
Enough electricity to power ~8,400 homes
71,000 MWh est. annual generation
50MW Solar farm

“The sheep grazing program offers a great opportunity to collaborate with local landowners in a mutually beneficial environment, while enhancing the sustainability of this green energy project, We are able to reduce the amount of gas-powered equipment in use and work with local farmers to maintain their original agricultural business while the sheep enjoy a safe, healthy environment in which to graze.”

- Matt O'Brien, President, CC&L Infrastructure

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CC&L Infrastructure
April 25th, 2022