Hy Stor Energy

CC&L Infrastructure has partnered with Hy Stor Energy to develop and advance green hydrogen production, storage, and delivery at scale in the United States. Together, we aim to tackle one of the most complex challenge facing today’s energy transition: long-duration storage of renewables at commercial scale to provide energy reliability and resilience in an increasingly fossil-free world.

Our initial project, the Mississippi Clean Hydrogen Hub, will allow for the production and storage of green hydrogen to serve business, industrial, transportation and utility sectors across Mississippi, neighboring states, and the entire Eastern US with low-cost, reliable green energy supply, 365 days a year, day, and night.

Investment Highlights

Initial Investment Date

  • June 2021


  • Mississippi, United States


  • Green Hydrogen


  • Development

Cashflow Profile

  • Customer contracting initiatives are progressing concurrently with project development
  • Declines in the price of renewable energy as well as the realization of economies of scale in hydrogen production, are expected to drive significant efficiencies while the rising cost of carbon will simultaneously increase the attractiveness of clean energy technologies – supporting the widespread adoption of green hydrogen


  • Supports the global energy transition
  • Utilizes both new and existing infrastructure to deliver flexible, safe, 100% renewable energy to end users
  • The development and commercialization phases of the Mississippi Clean Hydrogen Hub will stimulate economic growth and clean energy jobs for decades to come, bringing education and workforce development opportunities and attracting new manufacturing and industrial companies to the state