Investing with
CC&L Infrastructure

Access to a diversified portfolio with a demonstrated track
record of strong and stable performance

Investing in private market infrastructure is a highly effective means
of generating stable cash flow and long-term capital growth.

Infrastructure as an alternative asset class encompasses investment in the facilities, services, and installations considered essential to the functioning and economic productivity of a society. Infrastructure investments share key characteristics that offer an attractive value proposition to clients.

We provide investors the opportunity to invest in an established portfolio of high-quality infrastructure assets that deliver attractive returns while adding diversification to their portfolios. Lorem ipsum lorem ipsum lorem ipsum lorem ipsum lorem ipsum lorem ipsumLorem ipsum lorem ipsum 

Key characteristics:

  • Long duration assets
  • High barriers to entry
  • Regulated, contracted or protected revenues
  • Stable and predictable cash flows, often including inflation linkages

Value proposition:

  • Distinct asset class with attractive overall returns and moderate risk
  • Steady source of stable income
  • Strong diversification benefits within a portfolio – low correlation, cyclicality and volatility

Investing alongside
our clients

We strongly believe in the benefits of infrastructure investing. That’s why we deploy a significant amount of our own capital alongside our clients. It demonstrates our commitment to the assets we acquire and our portfolio’s long-term performance.

Our principal mindset creates an important alignment of interest and is the foundation of everything we do. From how we invest, to how we actively manage our assets and our people – it’s part of our culture.

Whether you are an institutional or individual investor,
we have investment options to meet your needs.

Institutional investors

We work with a variety of institutional investors to understand their specific needs and provide access to our infrastructure projects on a pooled basis through the CC&L Infrastructure Strategy. When individual investments are of significant size and value, we may also provide direct co-investment opportunities.

Our current clients include public and private pension funds, life insurance companies, financial institutions, foundations, and endowments, among others.

Individual investors

We offer high-net-worth investors the ability to invest in the CC&L Infrastructure Strategy through CC&L Private Capital, providing access to an attractive asset class that has historically been available only to larger institutions.

For investors who do not require their capital in the short term, infrastructure can be a relatively safe and low-risk way to generate income and long-term growth. Infrastructure investments have the added benefit of acting as a buffer from economic turbulence in an investment portfolio.