Partnering with
CC&L Infrastructure

We have a strong history of successful,
value-enhancing collaboration

Our value-oriented approach

We foster long-term, meaningful relationships with our partners. There are
many reasons to work with our team, and some of the many benefits include:

  • We are an experienced group of professionals with hands-on development, construction, operation, and management expertise.

  • We provide access to a large and reliable source of capital.

  • We have the flexibility to offer a wide range of investment structures tailored to meet your requirements and objectives.

  • We can align ourselves with you on our investment horizon and have no contractual requirement to sell our investments within a predefined period, unlike many firms who manage closed-end fund structures.

  • We have the capacity and appetite to finance the equity requirements of both your organic and acquisition-driven growth plans and are not constrained by artificial concentration limits in our investment portfolio.

  • We can leverage our strong relationships with public and private investors, debt providers, investment banks, service providers, and industry experts to help drive value for your business.

  • We work closely with you on strategy, acquisitions, industry best practices, corporate finance, and human resources, among other matters.



Working with like-minded partners

We partner with project developers, specialized operating teams, and
other investors in the construction, operation and optimization of
infrastructure assets. This includes groups that:

  • Construct, develop or operate high-quality infrastructure assets

  • Possess a competitive advantage or favorable market position

  • Led by or have the ability to attract strong operating partners

  • Generate significant and stable free cashflow

  • Exhibit potential for organic or strategic (acquisition-based) growth

Looking to take your business to the next level?

“CarbonFree first partnered with CC&L Infrastructure in 2010, to focus on solar power project development and ownership. In over a decade of working together we have successfully developed more than 100 solar projects, ranging in size from small commercial rooftop systems to large, utility-scale projects covering hundreds of acres of land. Throughout our working relationship, we have found CC&L Infrastructure to be an ideal partner because of their excellent strategic vision, rigorous analytical abilities and their deep understanding of the nuances of debt capital markets.”

- David Oxtoby, CEO CarbonFree Technology Inc.

“Alpenglow Rail’s extensive experience combined with CC&L Infrastructure’s long-term investment approach will provide a compelling story within the rail space. This focus on owning and operating assets for the long-term allows us to maintain the legacy of the railroad businesses we acquire while driving value for both our customers and employees.”

- Rich Montgomery, CEO at Alpenglow Rail

“Hy Stor Energy is solving for one of the largest challenges in this lifetime: transitioning away from fossil fuel to renewable energy. Our world-class team is developing a model for producing, storing and delivering 100% carbon-free green hydrogen reliably, consistently and at scale for long-duration storage. Our collaborative partnership with CC&L Infrastructure will enable us to advance the large-scale development and commercialization of fully integrated green hydrogen facilities that are capable of providing readily available renewable energy as needed.”

- Laura Luce, CEO of Hy Stor Energy

“We are excited to be working with the experienced team at CC&L Infrastructure. Like Landmark, they place a high value on employee and customer relationships, with a focus on serving the needs of our local communities. This partnership will secure a stable future for the business through a long-term ownership model. Together with Landmark’s team of professionals, we will continue to deliver our best-in-class services to the communities we serve while building on our reputation as a leader in the student transportation industry.”

- Kirk Flach, CEO of Landmark Student Transportation

CC&L Infrastructure
March 18th, 2022